WordPress Simple Theme – Page Date Edit

I’ve been trying to get the look and feel of this site to a point where I’m happy again and something that has bothered me for some time now is the date at the top of the pages. This was a weird theme decision in my opinion. For what reason would a “static?” page need to have a date at the top of it?

Development and coding are not in my wheelhouse but I’ve always been to understand php and some other languages well enough that I can typically make small changes. In this case, I was able to remove the date from the top of the Page Template (page.php) file.

To do this, remove <?php the_date(); ?) from the page.php template.  Appearance –> Editor –> Page Template (page.php)

Click Update File and you’re done.

That’s it!


Note: There is probably a better way to accomplish this but until I discover it, I’ll just have to fix the template any time their is an update.  Not a huge deal I suppose.