Centos 7.6 Minimal Post Install Change

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I'm working on a project at a customer location this week and this particular project required me to install Centos 7+.  Being an Ubuntu guy, I kicked and moaned for about 3 whole seconds and started the install.  It went as smooth as you'd expect, however, I was greeted with no network connectivity once Centos rebooted.  Mentally, I thought it was needing VMWare drivers or something but as it turns out, I just needed to enable the network interface. vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-<cardname> Now change ONBOOT=No to ONBOOT=Yes Then simply reboot and make sure you can get connected to the network.
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2017 Goals

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You are under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago. This quote hit a cord with me late in the year.  I knew something had to change. Politics, Facebook, job, hobbies, kids, wife, family, were all fighting each other for a time slot.  My sleep schedule oddly wasn't very picky and for quite some time my wife considered me to be on the the sleepless elite but from around November to now, I'm just tired. My body needs to rest and reset. Like most people, I suppose, I set some goals for myself this year.  Some of them I had and failed in 2016 but want to dedicate some time to them nonetheless. Here they are (in no particular order): Read 1 book a month…
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bitcoin CPU mining with Ubuntu 12.04

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Please do not bother responding with how worthless this is.  This is purely academic.  A few of the guys at my office were curious and I was idle for a little while this weekend and got started with the basics of the basics in bitcon mining. Prerequisites Go setup yourself a bitcoin wallet here --> http://www.trybtc.com  There will be some tutorials, feel free to go through those. You'll end up here --> https://coinbase.com This is where you can keep track of your account.  First let's pop in there and grab the bitcoin address that we will use in a bit.  You can find it under Account Settings --> Bitcoin Addresses.  This is how others can give you money. Create an account here --> https://mining.bitcoin.cz/ This is the only way that CPU mining is…
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Google Chrome Pilot Program

A few days ago I received a pretty new Google Chrome Notebook model CR-48.  I was, completely caught off guard by a very nicely packaged device sitting the table when I got home.  I still had no idea what I was because I forgot that I signed up for this program.  Ecstatic doesn't quite cut how happy I was when I discovered what it was.  I was actually selected as a Google Chrome Notebook pilot user.  I doubt this is a rare thing, however I almost never get selected to test stuff that I think is cool. So far the experience has been pretty good.  When I first booted the system, I had a bit of a hard time connecting to my wireless.  I have a WRT-160N running DD-WRT with…
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