Cisco vs. Extreme Networks Switching Commands

Cisco, Extreme Networks
Don't get your hopes up, I'm not taking sides here. I just wanted to show how the companies differ in basic switch configuration. Now for you who don't know who Extreme is, they are the purple ones, better known as Extreme Networks. They offer some pretty nice products that compete very well with the likes of Cisco or HP. Feel free to check out their product line at Configuring VLANs: Extreme - Create 2 VLANs and basic configuration create vlan data configure vlan data tag 2 configure vlan data ipaddress create vlan voice configure vlan voice tag 3 configure vlan voice ipaddress enable ipforwarding Cisco - Create 2 VLAN interfaces and basic configuration vlan dat vlan 2 name data vlan 3 name voice exit configure terminal interface…
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