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Twitter …. annoyances

Ok,  One of the guys at the office started using twitter and kept prodding that I needed to use it to.  Well, I don’t like doing things that aren’t easy and I don’t like wasting time on something pointless.  I started searching around for “easy” ways to use Twitter and have discovered a few Firefox extensions, GMail chat add in via Twitter, and now a WordPress plugin which I installed just before I started this blog post.  You can find me on twitter @

Here is what has annoyed me to the point that I don’t like using it.  Every time I do something on the website, that is, I get a stupid error saying that “Twitter is over capacity” and that I should try again later.  That makes me so angry.  Rarely do you ever see Facebook or Myspace to say that it’s too busy.  Why should any other e-service be held to a different standard.  I’m sure I’m just barking up a tree here and they are experiencing growing pains just like all the other social networks, but there has to be a balance.  So far JUST THIS MORNING, I have gotten the above error 9 times!!!  Ugh…

On a lighter note, it is kinda cool.