Change Management IP Addresses of XenServer 6.5 in a Pool

Working for an IT consultancy, you get do do IP address migrations pretty often.  One recent migration I simply couldn’t find a good resource to guide me on how to change  XenServer 6.5 Servers management address when in a pool.

Here’s what worked for me:

  1. SSH to all servers.  Open xsconsole and navigate to Network and Management Interfaces.  Change the management IP address.  Be sure to select the correct management interface. Note, this will cause XenCenter to lock up and drop connections to each of the servers.  All VM’s “should” remaining operational during this time.
  2. SSH to new management IP’s of all of the slave servers.  Update the file /etc/xensource/pool.conf to reflect the new IP address of the master.  The format should just be a single line that says slave:NEWIPADDRESSOFMASTER. Save the conf file.
  3. Run xe-toolstack-restart on all slave servers.
  4. Inside XenCenter, remove the old Pool and add the Pool back in using the new master server IP address.  All servers should be available again.

Hope this helps.

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