Cisco PIX 515E upgrade to 7.0 Code

Today I used the monitor mode version of the installation procedure to upgrade a Cisco PIX 515E that was 2 months from being out of a SMARTNet contract. Just in time. This is done by rebooting the firewall with the reload command or flipping the switch (whichever you prefer), and pressing ESC during the boot cycle when the prompt tells you to, then getting started with the string of commands that are required.

First lets set the interface.

interface inside

Then lets set the IP address


Next lets tell it where the TFTP Server is.


Now lets tell it the file name.

file pix707.bin

Finally, lets tell the firewall to upload the file.


The firewall will start to download, then install the code and it’ll reboot. When it comes up, the boot image is not saved to flash so we need to issue the following command.

copy tftp:// flash:

Accept the following prompts and it’ll finally upload the image to flash. Issue a “write memory” and you are done. Now it’s time to upload the new ASDM image. You can do that with TFTP as well using the following commands.

copy tftp:// flash:

Accept the prompts and it’ll upload the file to flash. Now we need to tell the configuration where that file is located with the following.

asdm location flash:/asdm-506.bin

Reboot and you should be able to access the firewall from the GUI interface using the 7.07 code and ASDM to match.

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