dd-wrt – Cool New Feature – AncorFree

I was installing dd-wrt on a Linksys wireless router for a client last week and noticed a neat feature that has been added in.  I’m sure you’ve all been somewhere where the all the websites that you are surfing have some sort of advertising on them that the site specfically does not have configured.  What I’m refering to it AD injection into your clients browsers . This could be a coffee shop with “free wifi” that turns itself into a sustainable “pay for myself” service.  It’s quite neat.  DD-WRT uses AnchorFree to inject these AD’s into the users browsers and allows you to tie in an account on the back end to make a little money for yourself.  Pretty neat.  I doubt I will ever use it but it’s nice to know easy to setup services like this are being deployed more and more with the help of the open source community.

Here is a link from AnchorFree’s website that explains a little more about the service.

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