dd-wrt Firmware Install – WRT54GL

Ok, tonight I did my first install of the dd-wrt firmware on my Linksys WRT54GL. I thought my WAP was acting a little funny so I decided to refresh it. I must say, the dd-wrt firmware is very well packaged. I actually used the install from Sputnik’s website. Sputnik offers a fully managed hotspot solution using a wide array of hardware that is available off the shelf of most stores and from a number of online retailers for a very affordable price.

The installation more than easy as you use the built in firmware update function of the Linksys wireless router. All you do is upload the firmware, let it reboot, and reconnect via the web interface and configure as normal. The features that the firmware adds or unlocks is amazing. Most of the features are those you would see on commercial enterprise access points.

I’ll test the generic version right now and then try the VoIP and VPN versions sometime soon. I’ll let you know.

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