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Dell Laptop offline file syncronization issues

Recently I had a client who purchase a new laptop from Dell.  It was a failry straight forward setup, nothing out of the ordinary.  After we got the computer joined to the domain and the user’s profile setup, we started the file syncronization process for a number of directories that they needed to take offsite on a daily basis to be able to read/modify while out of the office and without internet connectivty.  They had been using Microsoft’s offline file feature.  Again, nothint out of the ordinary.

Well, this computer took up more than a few hours of my time as well as another associate of mine.  The computer no matter what we did would not syncronize files during the logon process even thought the little checkbox was checked to do so.  As it turns out, Dell has some sort of security suite that they are deploying with all the laptops now with the name of WavXDocMgr.  This was the culprit of the syncronization issue.  We took this out of MSCONFIG as a startup process and the problem was solved.  As this was not the answer but rather a workaround, we have started talking with Dell but as of yet have not found a fix for the issue so I thought I would share.

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