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Hackers Movie ImageMy brother in law was over this weekend, and bored as any teenager gets but he stumbled across a pretty neat site. Some of you have probably seen this before but for those of you who haven’t I would suggest you get yourself a comfortable place on the couch with your laptop and begin your “hacking” tutorial. The beginner portion of the hacks are very rudimentary, however, the “Basic” 5-10 stumped me pretty well as I really don’t understand Java Script, HTML or PHP for the most part. It’s starts off on level one with a basic “hidden” password that is in clear text in the source of the page. They get harder as you get going but I think I got the bug. I stayed up till 3 a.m. last night getting to “Basic” 10. Like I said, I was struggling quite a bit with the Java injection, PHP command execution and server side code execution. Interesting stuff. The site also has realistic, application, programming, logic, extbasic and Java Script missions. If I keep working on these I’ll do a few more posts on the subject of hacking, and how some of these basic methods of the art can be done. Give it a look at Until then, happy hacking.

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