New Asus eee PC

Well, last Friday my wife and I added a new edition to the family; an Asus eee PC (XP Home, 1Gb Memory, 120 Gb Hard Drive).  We bid the highest on the computer at my companies yearly Christmas Party.  I really didn’t want it at first but now that I’ve had a little bit of time on it, the computer is actually pretty fully functional.  There are a few minor issues that I see so far but overall, the computer is very very usable.

So far this weekend I’ve really only had time to do some light surfing and software installs to get my core app’s installed but I do have to say that it is very functional.  The size and weight are great, it’s “fast enough” which I have mentioned before is a relative term.  I won’t be playing WoW or Unreal Tournament any time soon on it but it allows me to surf from one page to  another without delay, watch online video via YouTube, Fox on demand or ABC online and it has different power settings depending on how I want to use it (Super Performance, High Performance and Battery Saving Modes).

I will complain that the keyboard takes a little getting used to especially if your normally on a desktop or large laptop, the touch pad buttons are a bit stiff but I can always use a mouse if needed, and I absolutely hate the way they partitioned the hard drive.  They did 2 60Gb partitions for C: and D:.  Why, that’s all I can ask?

We ended up keeping the black model that was the Christmas party prize but I tell you, I had to defend my manly stance pretty hard against the wife so that she wouldn’t want me to trade it for the pink model.  🙂

In some respects it feels faster than my desktop at work (AMD something? 2Ghz, 1Gb Ram).

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