New Chapter – all systems go.

Well, it has been over a year since I have last posted something worthwhile and I feel a little bad about that.  Even if nobody is reading this, I use it to help me remember things that I know I’ll need later.  So if I haven’t posted in a while then I’ll probably forget everything I’ve learned over the last year :).  Hopefully not.

OK, so a few new things have happened.   My daughter, Kacy was born 8/24/2009 and is now the fire in my life…literally she makes me burn inside with love, anger, cheer, fear, and laughs.  She’s pretty awesome.  My wife who stays at home with her has been very patient and we are now making good progress towards potty training.

I am now employed at KeyOn Communications, Inc as the Sr. Network Engineer.  I updated my about me section so you can check some details there, but in short, I’ll be posting some things up here about what I’m doing at work.  This change is bigger than it sounds.  I used to work in SMB/SME systems where I was the “go to” person for everything under the sun.  Servers, Exchange, Outlook, Quickbooks, etc…you name it, I had to support it.  Now, I get to focus on something and move away from the “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” mentality to finally becoming an expert on something…and I feel GREAT…  Working for a smaller ISP that is growing pretty rapidly, I think, is the perfect place for me.

I now have my CCNA.  This took me 6 years too long to get.  I should have taken it while I was in the Marine Corps but didn’t, then I feel into two jobs that didn’t care one way or another…therefor I took the path of least resistance…not anymore.  Now I am working towards my CCNP and then off to CCIP and CCIE in time.

</update> 🙂  Until next time…

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