OpenDNS Alternative, SafeDNS

I had once been a longtime user of OpenDNS for my home and some small businesses that I worked with. It served as a forward lookup DNS server and as a web filter for those networks. OpenDNS performed quite well. I don’t know why but I eventually drifted away from OpenDNS as a web filter and implemented Barracuda Web Filters or spun up Squid/Squidguard on pfSense if the need were to arise. Recently though, with my personal company, CloudFirst Technologies, I needed a reliable and AFFORDABLE web filter for my customers. I stumbled across SafeDNS. It seemed to have the same features as OpenDNS but until I tried it, I didn’t know how effective it was. I’m happy to report that it is a great alternative to OpenDNS. It blocks sites as expected, gives you control over the networks that belong to you, allows for custom profiles per network, etc. The price was not overly attractive initially, however, but they have recently reworked their K-12 pricing which made it the most cost effective filtering solution available.

In order to utilize the service you simply point your computer or DNS forwarder to SafeDNS’s servers & then configure the network (source IP address) in SafeDNS’s dashboard/control panel. You create a profile (site categories you want blocked) and assign a network to that profile. That’s it, you are done.

Give them a try at

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