Google Apps – Colaboration Revolution

Google Apps is one of the topics you here about every now and then. Open up a tech magazine and you see it in there somewhere, read your favorite blog, which most likely has Google AdSense on it to help generate revenue has Google Apps as an add and honestly; I don't think this product suite has gotten the attention from the tech community that it deserves. Let's just take Google out of this one for a minute. Picture that you are a small business owner, have a failing email server, are running on an old version of Microsoft Office that has a really annoying error every time you try to save, you have rigorous practices to attempt to backup all of your data including your email and documents and…
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Easy Windows Profile Migration

Tonight I was at a client site working on an Server 2003 / Exchange 2007 Deployment for a client which required us to disjoin computers from the old domain and add them to the new domain. Well, the trick to a successful deployment of any product is ease of use, for the IT guy's and the end user. The end user is ultimately affected by what we do so we try to minimize the changes that are actually made to their experience. For the IT guy's, how can me make this easy, simple, and yet functional. When it comes to profile migration, there are a few tools out there that will do it for you, some cost money, some don't. For me, those are too complicated to learn and master.…
Read More – VNC / SSH based remote administration

Earlier this week I was looking for a way to connect to remote users, share their screen with them and meanwhile, do it securely. I stumbled across one that jumped out at me. It takes, an ssh client/server creates a point to point tunnel with the companies servers and then allows the other end (the viewer) to do the same so that the complete connection is encrypted with ssh. I haven't found out what version of ssh it uses yet. Across the ssh tunnel, it utilizes WinVNC as it's client/server for remote viewing. So far I'm pretty happy with the product except, I have found a problem with it's ability to work when you have another VNC program installed. I had RealVNC installed on my work computer and that somehow…
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Everyday Free Tools – Tech Stuff

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Each and every day I use a set of tools, mostly free or open source ones that help me get through the day. I though I would list of a few of them for you so that you can give them a shot as well. Home Computer I have a Panasonic Toughbook laptop running Ubuntu 7.04 that I really haven't modified too awful much because I like the look and feel of the OS as it is. Here's a list of things that I use everyday or every so often to accomplish a task without spending any money. Operating System - Ubuntu 7.04 - Stable, clean, easy to install, based on GNOME and very well supported by the community. I would say that the forums for Ubuntu are better than…
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My brother in law was over this weekend, and bored as any teenager gets but he stumbled across a pretty neat site. Some of you have probably seen this before but for those of you who haven't I would suggest you get yourself a comfortable place on the couch with your laptop and begin your "hacking" tutorial. The beginner portion of the hacks are very rudimentary, however, the "Basic" 5-10 stumped me pretty well as I really don't understand Java Script, HTML or PHP for the most part. It's starts off on level one with a basic "hidden" password that is in clear text in the source of the page. They get harder as you get going but I think I got the bug. I stayed up till 3 a.m.…
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