Change Management IP Addresses of XenServer 6.5 in a Pool

Working for an IT consultancy, you get do do IP address migrations pretty often.  One recent migration I simply couldn't find a good resource to guide me on how to change  XenServer 6.5 Servers management address when in a pool. Here's what worked for me: SSH to all servers.  Open xsconsole and navigate to Network and Management Interfaces.  Change the management IP address.  Be sure to select the correct management interface. Note, this will cause XenCenter to lock up and drop connections to each of the servers.  All VM's "should" remaining operational during this time. SSH to new management IP's of all of the slave servers.  Update the file /etc/xensource/pool.conf to reflect the new IP address of the master.  The format should just be a single line that says slave:NEWIPADDRESSOFMASTER.…
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Windows 10 USB-to-Serial adapter Woes…

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About 2 months ago, I had to go to a new customer site that was down and diagnose a problem.  Easy, I've done this a thousand times over the past 15 years...  Device not recognized. My USB-to-Serial adapter (no name brand off of Amazon) wasn't working.  Code 10 Error. I'm documenting this because, as infrequently as I actually use a console cable anymore, I tend to forget how to fix the issue when it arises.  2018 has been a funny year for Microsoft patching.  Seems to be a crap shoot of what will break once you apply new patches.  Windows 10 patches haven't been immune to this. Here's how I fixed it. Download the PL2303_64bit_Installer.exe Unplug the USB-to-Serial Adapter Open up the previously downloaded exe. When prompted, plug in the…
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Server 2016 VM losing network connectivity on VMWare ESXi 6.5

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I ran into an issue recently where servers that have been running for 6+ months with normal patching/rebooting, but without issue, all of a sudden started losing network connectivity.  The icon would pop up in the tray and the server was no longer reachable.  I still don't know the underlying cause of the issue, but here's what I figured out. Thanks to this blog post, I was able to throw some commands at the box (network tuning stuff) and determine which specific command fixed the network access. Here are the commands: netsh int tcp set global chimney=Disabled netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal netsh int tcp set supplemental custom congestionprovider=none netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=Disabled netsh int ip set global taskoffload=disabled netsh int tcp set global timestamps=Disabled netsh int…
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Quick Fix: Exchange 2010 Back Pressure workaround

We are now in the year 2017 and any exchange admin will know this by the back of their hand but as little as I touch Exchange now (either because it's rock solid or we've moved to Office 365), I always have to Google it.  So this is just a reminder for me in the future. A customer had a backup issue over the past weekend due to an unfortunate set of circumstances.  As a result, their D: was getting full.  They had 15 Gb left of 600 Gb total but the probably well known feature of Exchange called Backpressure prevents your hard drives from filling up due to email transport and their mail stopped flowing. I needed to get their email working ASAP while a backup completed in the background. An…
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2017 Goals

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You are under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago. This quote hit a cord with me late in the year.  I knew something had to change. Politics, Facebook, job, hobbies, kids, wife, family, were all fighting each other for a time slot.  My sleep schedule oddly wasn't very picky and for quite some time my wife considered me to be on the the sleepless elite but from around November to now, I'm just tired. My body needs to rest and reset. Like most people, I suppose, I set some goals for myself this year.  Some of them I had and failed in 2016 but want to dedicate some time to them nonetheless. Here they are (in no particular order): Read 1 book a month…
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