Just got re-interested in cycling as a hobby/exercise.  I’d love to compete at some level, even locally, here in the near future.  At the present, my conditioning is just not there.

Back in 2014 I rode one day of RAGBRAI with one of my co-workers. It was a great time.


At the present, it would seem I have a bit of an addiction with owning bikes…riding has been a little slow. In the garage, I have the following.

  • Trek Sawyer MTB (XTR/Zee 1×10 Build)
  • Nashbar Carbon Road Bike (Ultegra 2×10)
  • Litespeed Pisgah MTB (Sram XX/XO 2×10 Build)
  • Cannondale R500 Road Bike (105)
  • I’m hoping to get rid of the Litespeed and Cannondale this year and possibly replace them with a Fuji Classic Singlespeed Road Bike or a Fat Tire…haven’t decided.

    Kacy, my oldest likes riding bikes now too so I’m hoping to get her out riding a lot this year.

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