blog – VNC / SSH based remote administration

Earlier this week I was looking for a way to connect to remote users, share their screen with them and meanwhile, do it securely. I stumbled across one that jumped out at me. It takes, an ssh client/server creates a point to point tunnel with the companies servers and then allows the other end (the viewer) to do the same so that the complete connection is encrypted with ssh. I haven’t found out what version of ssh it uses yet. Across the ssh tunnel, it utilizes WinVNC as it’s client/server for remote viewing. So far I’m pretty happy with the product except, I have found a problem with it’s ability to work when you have another VNC program installed. I had RealVNC installed on my work computer and that somehow prevented WinVNC to launch and allow me to connect to the remote machine. Check out the software at It only requires that you download it, no installation required or available keeping your computer clean of extra software. Let me know if you have any other alternatives.

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