Switchvox PBX replaced my trixbox

This was a pretty quick change but one of my friends recommended that I try out Switchvox which is an IP PBX build on Asterisk and is owned by Digium. I took a few looks at the webpage and I was pretty much sold. It looked so easy (and pretty). I installed it on a separate machine that I just picked up from a school district that was getting rid of PC’s for dirt cheap from an old computer lab. The setup was almost the same as trixbox but had fewer questions for me to answer making it simpler overall. Once installed, the first thing that I noticed was the SSL based access to the box was the only way to manage the server. This was cool and questionable at the same time as command line traditionally is the easiest/best way to debug anything. Well, I logged into the server with my friend on the phone, added in my Teliax information and in 2 minutes I was able to call out. This was amazing in my opinion. Something this easy has to come with a price tag. Nope, I’m using the free edition…with a big smile on my face. 🙂 A few minutes later and I was able to call through my provider from my cell and hit voicemail (that was already setup). The setup of dial plans, providers, hardware interfaces, and extension is SO EASY. Much easier than trixbox and I thought it was easy. Switchvox even auto detected my Sipura SPA-1000 device. At this point I was completely sold. To be honest, the only complaint that I have at this point is the inability to go to command line to debug stuff. That’s it. I would recommend this product to any home or small business.

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