Update – Very Delayed

Ok, so far this year I’ve done a very crappy job of keeping the site updated. Too busy, to bored, sick, at work, excuses excuses… I have actually been sick and too busy lately so those really aren’t bad excuses. 🙂 Well, since I don’t have anything tech like to talk about I’ll update you on my current work.

pfSense 1.2 Final will be out here sometime soon so I’ll be updating numerous firewalls to that code base when it does hit FINAL.

This next weekend I will be installing a pfSense box for my Dad to start using/managing.

I have been working with my Dad on a web hosting reseller configuration at Hopefully we will be able to get that up and running so I can migrate the rest of my websites over to there. He is doing the reseller setup through HostGator.

I’ve been working on some other website / blogging ideas to help pass the time, however, I don’t have time to think about them…strange situation.

This week at work, the TechTalk for the second time will be hosted by someone else. Kenny Kant, my counterpart at work has offered up his services to do a TechTalk on Microsoft Small Business Server 2003. I’ll try to talk to him about adding some content on here as well.

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