Windows Hack – SSH from Command Line

This isn’t really a hack but rather a simple trick to keep your system management tasks as near to each other as possible. The trick I am referring to a the moment is using Putty on Windows. Putty is a nifty and free SSH, Telnet, Rlogin, RAW and Console shell program that allows you to do the aforementioned management tasks from a single application on Windows. Putty is available here.

Now for the easiest trick in the world. Download Putty form that website, rename putty.exe to ssh.exe and place it in the C:WindowsSystem32 directory. This will allow you to launch putty from the command line just like telnet as well as add some other neat things.

From the command line (run or CMD)

ssh -telnet

Putty can also just be launched for an interactive setup with “ssh” from the command line. That will launch the newly renamed executable for you to change settings on and connect to the items that you would like to administer. Putty also allows you to tunnel traffic through SSH with localhost connections. I’ll try to make a fun sheet on that as well. One good tutorial I read was how to setup a SOCKS proxy through and SSH tunnel.

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